Art Term 2 – Spring Awards

Year 7

Achievement Aminah Abdul Effort Siddeeqah Ahmed
Aaminah Musa Fatimah M Patel
Salsabeel Ejaz Iman A Mahmood
Sabreen Razaq Safiyyah Patel

Year 8

Achievement Fatima Sayed Effort Azraa Ahmed
Khadija Hussain Safha Akber
Sumayyah Lunat Zaynab Khan
Maaria Mehmood Afira Patel

Year 9

Achievement Fazeelah Bhad Effort Aisha Maulana
Sumaiyah Sidat Mehak Fasal
Fizah Nasir Aaliyah Mohamed
Hadiqa Ali Zara Anham Idrees

Year 11 – GCSE Art

Achievement Aiysha Amjad Effort Saarah Idrees



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