Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Khadijah Shaheen Effort Aesha Master
Zaibaa Mulla Khadeejah Patel
Afifa Battiwala Faatimah S Patel
Wajeeha Bilal Patel Iman A Mahmood
Atika Begum Samiha Siddique

Year 8

Achievement Hind Mohammed Effort Malaika Aamer
Fatima Mohmed Sameera Patel
Halima Wadee Hafsa Patel
Khadija Hussain Atika Khan
Fatima Nagori Ammarah Moosa

Year 9

Achievement Alisha Allia Effort Amina Iqbal
Asma Dakak Sanaa Bagiya
Sana Majid Patel Munira Ismail
Ammara Mohammed Sana Mubarak Patel
Amber Parveen Ammarah Master

Year 10

Achievement Sana Master Effort Aishah Bilal
Laiza Dar Humairaa B Patel
Khadeejah D Patel Maleeha Malik
Faatimah S Patel Niymah Patel
Romana Patel Sidrah Ahmed



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Festive Winter Gift Programme

Our students are heating up winter with their compassion and humanitarianism as part of our Winter Gift Programme.

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League tables confirm TIGHS as one of the best schools in the country

TIGHS achieved the highest value-added in the country for the second year running and the third time in four years.

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