History Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Mubina Khanjra Effort Aminah Abdul
Zainab I Patel Nubaisha Patel
Bela Tariq Afifa Battiwala
Iman A Mahmood Saarah Gaba

Year 8

Achievement Fatema Zafar Effort Ayesha Vika
Saarah Hasan Ayesha Kara
Ruqayyah Geloo Rabia Abid
Munira Khanjra Hafsah Sidat

Year 9

Achievement Alisha Alli Effort Sana Majid Patel
Fatema Latif Amina Iqbal

Year 10

Achievement Ammarah U Patel Effort Sana Master
Aisha M Patel Khadija M Patel



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