Religious Studies Term 1 – Autumn Awards

Year 7

Achievement Safiyyah Patel Effort Mariyah Umar
Zainab I Patel Nubaisha Patel
Khaleesah Isap Bela Tariq
Khadijah Usman Aamina Patel

Year 8

Achievement Humaira Pochiya Effort Atiyyah Patel
Aasiyah Kidy Fatima Rahmatulla
Aisha Khalifa Safha Akber
Sameera Patel Rana Gashout

Year 9

Achievement Safiyya Waka Effort Aasiyah Thava
Fizah Nasir Sumaiya Sidat
Ameena Talati Saarah Rawat
Zahra M Patel Fatima A Patel

Year 10

Achievement Aneesah Kholwadia Effort Wajihah Gati
Fareeha Khan Maleeha Malik
Batool Sethi A’Aishah Patel
Zulaikha Hanif Huma Sayed

Year 11 – A Level RS

Achievement Aqsa Iqbal Effort Aaminah Patel



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