Arabic Term 1 – Autumn Awards

Year 7

Achievement Zainab Munshi Effort Nubaisha PAtel
Tasmiya Ilyas Imaan Haji

Year 8

Achievement Fatima Nagori Effort Yasmeen El Banna
Atiyyah Patel Safha Akbar

Year 9

Achievement Maariyah Bajibhai Effort Fatima A Patel
Amber Ayub Ayesha Adalat
Sanaa Rizvan Juvairiyya Pathan
Ayesha Bhola Sana Rangoonwala

Year 10

Achievement Subnam Hassan Effort Roshan Patel
Aisha Ghiwala Hana Ferdous
Ayesha Khansia Fariha Khanom
Liya Makken Masouma Shah



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Key Notices

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