Pastoral Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

7M1 Safa Akram 7M2  Zuhaira Issa
7M3 Hana Ali 7M4  Mariyah Umar

Year 8

8E3 Mariya Pennells 8E2 Saarah Hasan
8L1 Mehroz Ashiq 8L2 Zaynah Lorgat

Year 9

9H1 Fatima Bibi Sidat 9H2 Saba Ali
9H3  Aiysha Z Qadri 9H4 Lamees Zabar

Year 10

10S1 Fariha Khanom 10S2 Maryam Mamoon
10S3 Wajihah Gati 10S4 Fatimah Karolia



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League tables confirm TIGHS as one of the best schools in the country

TIGHS achieved the highest value-added in the country for the second year running and the third time in four years.

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Key Notices

Students at Tauheedul Girls’ celebrate ‘best ever’ Sixth Form results

Sixth Form students are celebrating after receiving the best ever results at Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School (TIGHS).

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