Leadership Specialism

Our Leadership specialism is at the heart of everything we do. Our pupils learn all about their rights, roles and responsibilities as young leaders in Britain and the world today.

Our Leadership programme provides our students with the skills and confidence they need to participate as future leaders and responsible, active citizens in our democratic society.

In January 2014, the school was awarded the Specialism Quality Mark by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust to recognise its efforts to “lead and transform” the school community.

Leadership and Citizenship in practice

Our students get the chance to put their moral and civic leadership skills into practice during Leadership and Citizenship week each year. During this special week, pupils explore the fundamental roles that active Citizenship plays in Islamic and other faiths and in modern life. For more information about Leadership and Citizenship week, see the Community Service section of our website.

Active Leadership and community service projects also help develop crucial life skills and encourage students to make a positive contribution to the society in which they are based. We firmly believe that this helps to weave the thread that strengthens the very fabric of our lives.

Examples of projects include Kicking Racism out of Football, breast cancer awareness, enhancing multi-faith understanding, combating prejudice, a sponsored blindness day, equal opportunities in the workplace and a charity meal in aid of victims of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Primary Literacy Project

As part of its community plan, the school supports literacy attainment and achievement in local primary schools.   Students who are achieving below nationally expected levels receive 10 weeks of literacy intervention at Tauheedul in preparation for their KS2 SATs.

Student Leaders

During the year, the school offers enhanced opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

  • The school has a termly student magazine, delivered 100% by learners.  The newsletter is sent to all homes and shared with other stakeholders, such as Governors and the local community.
  • A ‘Student Teacher Programme’ involves Year 13 students, recruited through an application and interview process, taking responsibility for supporting the teaching of a KS3 class in English, Maths, Science, French, Computing and Humanities.
  • Sixth Form students mentor younger learners who have emotional and behavioural difficulties.  Sixth Form students receive training on safeguarding and participate in a range of enrichment activities with younger mentees.
  • The school delivers the Duke of Edinburgh Award for students in the main school and the Sixth Form.
  • Student librarians serve throughout the academic year – supporting the school’s efforts to enable students to read more.
  • Students serve on the Student Council, representing the interests of each form class and meeting with the Executive Principal on a half-termly basis.

Tackling Extremism

Students in Year 9 participate in a range of activities to learn about the dangers of political and religious extremism.

For example, an annual drama performance delivered helps learners develop greater awareness of religious and political extremism.   The event provides a powerful stimulus to understanding mainstream British values and the idea that there is a lot more that brings people together than divides them.

In addition, students also participate in a ‘Dragon’s Den’-style set of activities with young people from across the borough to develop ideas for tackling extremism.

Through their Leadership curriculum, learners are also taught the importance of Moral Leadership and upholding Fundamental British Values, the dangers of radicalization and the risks of online grooming.

Effective Parenting Sessions & Parents’ Council

Each year, the school delivers a number of parenting sessions.  It also works closely with its Parents’ Council to improve standards across the school.

The parenting sessions include guidance on:

  • Online Exploitation, including a practical workshop to introduce and demonstrate strategies that parents can use to help keep children safe online.
  • Guidance on dealing with exam stress and supporting revision in the home.
  • Fostering a loving and supportive environment within the home.

The Parent Council works closely with the Executive Principal to discuss areas of the school such as:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Catering
  • Extended use of the school facilities
  • School Uniform
  • Fundraisers

Interfaith Visits & Activities

Each year, the school undertakes a number of events as part of its ongoing efforts to develop understanding of different faiths.

Weekly visits by members of our community from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh faith are completed.   The visits allow students to learn more about each faith, how daily life is for someone from a different faith to theirs and the common challenges that people of faith can have in everyday life.    The talks are very well attended and the response from students is very positive.

Each year, an interfaith trail for students is organised and delivered.   As part of the trips, students visited different places of worship in a nearby town.

In the Sixth Form, an inter-faith society develops interfaith understanding, forms links with other faiths and explores contemporary issues relating to faith.   The inter-faith society receives visits from people and schoolchildren of other faiths to debate the role of faith in society.

The school also hosts visit from faith groups – this involves young people getting together to discuss common experiences in practising different faiths.

Students also attend interfaith conferences – in partnership with learners from other faith and community schools in the town.

Learners from the school also represent Tauheedul at a multi-faith memorial service at Blackburn Cathedral to mark World War 1 and Holocaust Memorial Day.

Holocaust Memorial Commemorations

Each year, the school marks Holocaust Memorial Day with a range of activities.  For example:

This is followed by discussion on pertinent points that encouraged reflection.

  • Students join learners from other schools in a special ceremony at the Town Hall.    During the ceremony, our students deliver a speech on the Holocaust.

Enterprise Week

Each year, students receive bespoke enterprise-related learning.

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 complete an ‘Enterprise Day’ in late June.  The day helps students to learn entrepreneurial skills such as problem-solving, working with others, financial planning, marketing, customer relations and presentational skills.

In addition, students in Year 10 spend a full week in Enterprise-related activity.  The week involves setting up a business, producing and marketing a product, selling to parents and the school community and presenting their learning to a panel, consisting of successful local business people.   All funds raised are given to charity.   The event is supported by KPMG.

Charity collection

During the course of the year, Tauheedul, learners and staff raise thousands of pounds for charity.  This supports our commitment to the Humanities specialist status, our inclusive faith ethos and our drive towards developing character.   Each year, around £30,000 is raised for local, regional and international charities.

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