Term 2 – Spring Awards

Al Khansa Award in English

Year 12 Literature

 Year 12 Language

Achievement Laiza Dar Achievement Saaleha Iqbal
Effort Nadya Naushad Osman Effort Ayesha Valli

Year 13 Literature

 Year 13 Language

Achievement Saaleha Iqbal Achievement Sadiyah Rawat
Effort Ayesha Valli Effort Khadijah Lorgat

 The Labana of Cordoba Award in Maths

Year 12

Achievement Aysha Dalal Effort Haleemah Rawat
Zahraa Ghaswala Hadia Rahman

Year 13

Effort Nadia Saloojee Amina Solkar

The Ibn Sina Award for Biology

Year 12

Achievement Aneesah Kholwadia Effort Fatimah Kausar Zaman
Zainab Munshi Laiza Dar

Year 13

Achievement Khadija Abdulgani Effort Aaisha I Patel

The Ibn Sina Award for Chemistry

Year 12

Achievement Ghofran Alarbi Effort Asiya Ussene
Haleemah Rawat Zikra Naz

Year 13

Achievement Fatima Desai Effort Aisha H Patel

 The British Psychological Award for Psychology

Year 12


Ghofran Alarbi

Nailah Akhtar


Asiya Ussene

Alizza Yasin

Haleemah Rawat

Fatimah Kausar Zaman

Zikra Naz

Amatullah Sajid

Year 13

Achievement Nasira Nawab Effort Sana Patel
Aaisha I Patel Ammarah Ughratdar

 The Karl Marx Award for Sociology

Year 12

Achievement Haleemah Adalat Effort Aaminah A Patel
Nadia Khan Fadak Mohamed

Year 13

Achievement Sana Masoom Effort Fatima Sidat
Sadiyah Rawat Aasiyah Waka

The Hadhrat Khadeejah Award for RS

Year 12

Achievement Ammarah U Patel Effort Mariyambibi Mulla

Year 13

Achievement Saarah Idrees Effort Farha Kanthariya

The Ibn Khaldoon Award for History

Year 12

Achievement Zainab Munshi Effort Fatimah Karolia

Year 13

Effort Hudaa Bax Aaisha Akram


Year 12

Achievement Hannah Shafiq Effort Nabiea Iman Asif

Year 13

Achievement Rukaiya Hanslot Effort Kulsoom Vorajee

The Ibn Sina Award for BTEC Science

Year 12

Achievement Hamidah Hussain Effort Haafizah Suleman

Year 13

Achievement Aisha Ahmed Effort Haleema Mughal

The Haleemah Sa’diyyah Award for BTEC H&SC

Year 12

Achievement Aisha Riyazuddin Effort Anisa Hussain

Year 13

Achievement Maariyah Tailor Effort Fiza Patel


Pastoral Awards

Year 12

  • Fatima Karolia
  • Rayhana Gajaria
  • Asia Ussene
  • Simron Malik
  • Taiba Akhtar

Year 13

  • Ayesha Valli
  • Aisha H Patel
  • Sidra Yousaf
  • Hajrah Zafar
  • Rahima Patel

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