Term 3 – Summer Awards

Al Khansa Award in English

Year 12 Literature

Year 12 Language

Achievement Nasira Nawab Achievement Hudaa Bax
Effort Aqsa Iqbal Effort Aaminah Patel

The Labana of Cordoba Award in Maths

Year 12

Achievement Amina Solkar Effort Aisha Umar
Nadia Saloojee Zaina Siddiqi

The Ibn Sina Award for Biology

Year 12

Achievement Fatima Desai
Aaisha I Patel
Effort Fatima Mehmood
Muskan Khan

The Ibn Sina Award for Chemistry

Year 12

Achievement Nasira Nawab
Zainab Bibi Patel
Effort Khadijah Patel
Humaira Nagori

The British Psychological Award for Psychology

Year 12

Achievement Athiya Bibi
Saaleha Iqbal
Effort Khadijah Lorgat
Sana Patel

The Karl Marx Award for Sociology

Year 12

Achievement Fatima Desai
Zahra Naveed

Aqsa Ali

Abida Ali

The Hadhrat Khadeejah Award for RS

Year 12

Achievement Saarah Idrees Effort Aamena Limbada

The Ibn Khaldoon Award for History

Year 12

Achievement Ayesha Valli Effort Aaisha Akram

Awards for AS Politics

Year 12

Achievement Zainab I Patel Effort Amina Shazad

The Ibn Sina Award for BTEC Science

Year 12

Achievement Khadeejah Essa Effort Sara Phansa

The Haleemah Sa’diyyah Award for BTEC H&SC

Year 12

Achievement Hajrah Zafar Effort Humaira Varachhia

Pastoral Awards

  • Khadeejah Essa
  • Ayesha Valli
  • Maariyah Hansrot
  • Fauziya Abdallah
  • Fatima Mehmood

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