Term 3 – Summer Awards

Al Khansa Award in English

Year 12 Literature

Year 12 Language

Achievement Nadya Naushad Osman Achievement Hurmat Shahzad
Effort Mahrukh Fatima Qureshi Effort Nadia Khan

The Labana of Cordoba Award in Maths

Year 12

Achievement Maariya Sidat Effort Humairah Mayat
Aishah Bilal Majeda Ali

The Ibn Sina Award for Biology

Year 12

Achievement Khadeejah Patel
Taaibah Patel
Effort Majeda Ali
Amatullah Sajid

The Ibn Sina Award for Chemistry

Year 12

Achievement Zainab Munshi
Humaira Toorawa
Effort Simron Malik
Alisha Bhatti

The British Psychological Award for Psychology

Year 12

Achievement Hana Hashim
Zainab Munshi
Effort Maryam Matadar
Aneesah Kholwadia

The Karl Marx Award for Sociology

Year 12

Achievement Khadija Abdulgani
Maryam Aswat
Effort Huma Sayed
Aisha Kauser

The Hadhrat Khadeejah Award for RS

Year 12

Achievement Ayesha Moosa Effort Hannah Shafiq

The Ibn Khaldoon Award for History

Year 12

Achievement Fareeha Khan Effort

Awards for AS Politics

Year 12

Achievement Hannah Shafiq Effort Nabiea Iman Asif

The Ibn Sina Award for BTEC Science

Year 12

Achievement Taiba Akhtar Effort Maryam Matadar

The Haleemah Sa’diyyah Award for BTEC H&SC

Year 12

Achievement Nimra Bibi Khan Effort Amina Bhula


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