Leadership and Citizenship Week 2017

Year 7 and 8

As part of Citizenship and Leadership  Day 2017, Year 7 and 8 students worked to  empower their fellow students to take measures to make healthy and sustainable  food  choices. The students worked on creating a campaign toolkit – comprising of posters, commercials and  applications through which they demonstrated civic leadership and active  citizenship. Ideas were then pitched to a panel of judges who awarded campaigns that exemplified collaborative leadership and produced engaging, focused and well executed resources. Ideas were then presented to the Senior Leadership Team by a select group of students with a view to implementing some of the strategies in  the next academic year.


Year 9

As part of Citizenship and Leadership Day 2017, Year 9s worked on the theme of `Environmental Sustainability`. This was  part of the `Citizenship in Action` component of their  GCSE Citizenship. The learners spent the day presenting their sustainability strategies to their peers and critically evaluating  the effectiveness of these initiatives.


Year 10

As part of Citizenship and Leadership  Days 2017,  Year 10s worked on the theme `Demonstrating Citizenship and Leadership as Proud British Muslims`.

Throughout the day the learners explored different aspects of what it means to be a British Muslim, with guest speaker Dr Nasima Hassan delivering a  thought provoking seminar in which she addressed key pressing questions on this topical issue. The day concluded with students presenting debates and lectures on the topic to their fellow peers.

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