Leadership and Citizenship Week 2018

Year 7

As part of Citizenship and Leadership  Day 2018, Year 7 students created a timeline of significant events that led to the suffragettes movement.  They also learned about significant events that occurred after women got the right to vote.

Year 8

As part of Citizenship and Leadership  Day 2018, Year 8 students created posters and performed role-plays on significant women involved in the suffragettes movement. They also learned about significant women who have campaigned for their rights around the world.  All students performed their dramatisation role plays to their peers and undertook mock demonstrations.

Year 9

As part of Citizenship and Leadership Day 2018, Year 9s worked on their Advocacy Project for GCSE Citizenship.   This was  part of the `Citizenship in Action` component of their  GCSE Citizenship. The learners spent the day presenting their advocacy projects to their peers.  Students also received presentations from a local charity on advocacy and fundraising.

Year 10

As part of Citizenship and Leadership  Days 2018,  Year 10s learned & increasing their understanding about the 100 years anniversary of women being given the right to vote.  The students utilised the film depiction of ‘The Suffragettes’ to anlayse the role and impact of the suffragettes on the political system.

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