Leadership and Citizenship Week 2019

Year 7

The theme for 2019 Citizenship and Leadership Day was Climate Change 2020. The year 7 students learned about the causes of climate change and the impacts of humans. During the final presentation at the end of the day, students read out poems they wrote, performed nasheeds and organised and delivered a fantastic fashion show using recycled materials.

Year 8

The theme for 2019 Citizenship and Leadership Day was Climate Change 2020. The year 8 students learned about the importance of the rainforests around the world. Students then researched background information on the various stakeholders involved in the use of the rainforest. Students took part in an Earth summit debating ‘should the use of palm oil be banned’. Students created campaign materials such as speeches, posters and banners.

Year 9

As part of Citizenship and Leadership Day 2019, Year 9s worked on their Advocacy Project for GCSE Citizenship.   This was part of the `Citizenship in Action` component of their  GCSE Citizenship. The learners spent the day presenting their advocacy projects to their peers.  Students also received presentations on advocacy and fundraising.

Year 10

As part of Citizenship and Leadership  Days 2019,  Year 10s furthered their learning following their participation in the Global Acts of Unity tour by researching, developing and presenting a campaign to promote awareness and action regarding discrimination in areas including race, gender and disability.


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