Remote Learning

Remote education provision

Pupils can access their remote learning via Microsoft Teams.

Information for parents and carers

Pupils may need to learn remotely if they are sent home from school to self-isolate, or if
there is a full lockdown.
The following information is a brief summary of how your daughter will learn at home. More
detail is included in the school’s Remote Learning Policy.

The remote curriculum: what is taught to pupils at home

When pupils are sent home to self-isolate, they will be provided with details of how to
access their lessons online. They will also be provided with any materials that they need in
addition to those that they will access through MS Teams.
All pupils will have a personal reading book to continue reading at home.
The expectation is that pupils will access remote lessons as soon as their period of self-isolation begins.

Remote teaching and study time each day

We expect that pupils will spend the same amount of time working on a remote education
day as they would in school. This is because they will be following the usual school
timetable for their lessons and completing independent learning / homework that arises
from them.

Accessing remote education

Remote lessons will be delivered using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). Your daughter has
been taught how to access the site and how to login for lessons.
We will continue to use learning platforms to support pupils’ independent learning. Pupils
have been shown how to access these sites.
We are very grateful to parents for providing devices on which their daughter can access
lessons and resources. We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access
at home.

Please inform the school office ( if your daughter does not
have a laptop/tablet on which to work, or if you do not have internet access at home. We
will do our best to support you.
If pupils do not have online access, they will be provided with hard copy work packs.
Pupils who cannot submit work online will be asked to keep all their work in their exercise
books / workbooks and arrangements will be made for this to be delivered to their teachers.

Remote teaching

Remote teaching will be delivered through live lessons in the vast majority of cases. This will
involve simultaneous direct teaching by subject teachers (who could be teaching from the
physical classroom or from home if self-isolating) to their pupils (who could be learning in
the physical classroom or at home).

Direct input from the teacher may be supplemented with some recorded material (such as
videos recorded by class teachers which may be the most appropriate way of teaching
particular aspects of work, such as practical demonstrations in science).Pupils will need to spend some parts of lessons writing in their workbooks or completing
activities that involve physical resources. These will be provided by the school. Some activities will involve pupils completing work on their devices and saving or uploading it.

Some subjects, such as PE, do not lend themselves to online learning in the same way as
others. Teachers will take into account the difficulties pupils may have in completing
physical activity in a confined space and provide alternative suitable learning for pupils who
are learning online. In practical subjects such as Art, the school will make reasonable
efforts to make available any resources that are needed at home.

Where pupils are expected to use textbooks, the relevant material from them will be made
available online.
In some cases, pupils will have textbooks or paper-based resources issued by school to
support their learning and they should use these as directed by their teachers.

Engagement and feedback

We have the same high expectations of pupils’ behaviour when they are learning remotely
as we do when they are learning in school. The STAR values should be consistently
maintained. All pupils have been taught the protocols for working online and staying safe.
Codes of conduct for remote learning have been given to pupils, parents and staff. The
school will alert you in the event of poor behaviour or non-attendance.

We value your support for your daughter’s wellbeing and learning. Please continue to
ensure that she follows good routines, including getting enough sleep and time away from

We will keep a careful check on your daughter’s remote learning. We will inform you (by
text or phone call) if your daughter misses and lessons that she is expected to attend. We
will phone your daughter at least once per week during her time learning remotely to check
on her progress and wellbeing. We will inform you if we have concerns about your
daughter’s work.

Assessment and feedback

Your daughter will work in a variety of ways when she is learning remotely. Sometimes, she
will submit assessments by One Note and these will be reviewed by her teacher. Sometimes,
she will complete work on paper / in exercise books that will be submitted to school in hard
copy form.

Feedback can take many forms. Sometimes your daughter will receive written individual
feedback. Some feedback will be given on a whole-class basis and sometimes your daughter
may complete questions that are marked automatically via digital platforms.

Where there is a period of extended absence from school (e.g. for pupils who are clinically
extremely vulnerable), the school will make arrangements for the completion of
assessments at home (with parental supervision).

Additional support for pupils with particular needs

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and
disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults
at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with
parents and carers to support those pupils in the following ways:

• Provision on individual/ small group support during MS Teams lessons
• Provision of differentiated work matched to individual targets
• Enhanced induction for MS Teams access .

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