Pupils celebrate fantastic Sixth Form Results.

Sixth form pupils are celebrating today after they received fantastic A level and vocational results .

Exams were cancelled this summer due to the COVID—19 pandemic.   Exam boards issued grades based on the teachers’ predictions and how the Sixth Form had performed in each subject over the past few years.

This year, 97% of pupils leave the college having achieved at least three A Levels at A*-C grade.   In vocational courses, 96% of learners completed an Extended Diploma at ‘DDD’ (Distinction) level or better.

Many of the pupils are now looking forward to completing degree courses at universities across the country.

A’Aishah Patel achieved 3A*s – in History, Sociology and Chemistry and 1A – in Maths. She will study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester. She reflected;

‘I am overwhelmed to have achieved such incredible grades in all four subjects and thrilled to be able to go on to the University and course of my choice. After a summer of so much tumult and worry, it is a massive relief to receive these grades.’

Ayesha Moosa secured three A*s – in RS, Politics and Sociology.  She is going on to study Law at University of Leeds.   She commented;

‘It has been a dreadful few months and my heart goes out to everyone affected by the pandemic in so many different ways.   I am so grateful to my teachers for all of their support and reassurance every step of the way.  Without them, and the devotion of my parents, I simply would not have achieved my dreams today.’

Aneesah Kholwadia achieved A* in Psychology, A* in English Literature & A in Chemistry.  She is going on to study English at University of Cambridge.  She commented;

‘I am overwhelmed by the opportunity of a lifetime to study at such a prestigious University and feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life who have helped get to this moment.’

Overall, 98% of A Levels at the Sixth Form received grades A*-C, with almost nine out of ten qualifications (89%) awarded A*-B and over half (53%) securing A*-A.  A fifth of qualifications were completed at the highest A* grade.

Although league tables have been cancelled this year, these results would likely have placed the Sixth Form amongst the top 1% of providers in the country.

Asia Ali, Head of Sixth Form, described the results as ‘fantastic’ and thanked students and staff ‘for their sincere devotion and constant efforts throughout the past year’.  She said;

‘Although exams were rightly cancelled this year, it is important for all of us to celebrate and praise the achievements of each young person just as in any other year.’

The Sixth Form has over 200 students completing a range of A Level and vocational courses.

The Sixth Form’s academic achievements are just part of the accolades the school has received over the past few years.

In January 2020, for the fourth year running, the Government league tables confirmed that students make more progress at TIGHS than at any other school in the country, using a measure called ‘Progress 8’.  ‘Progress 8’ reflects the improvement that all students make in a school, compared to their peers of similar ability across the country.

The league tables also reported that, for each of the past ten years, TIGHS is one of the best schools in the country for achievement by students with low prior achievement at primary school and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In March 2014, the school was given an ‘outstanding’ rating by Ofsted inspectors, the third time in a row that the school has received the highest accolade.  In their inspection report, Ofsted praised ‘exceptional progress’ and ‘outstanding leadership’ at the school.




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Pupils celebrate fantastic Sixth Form Results

97% of TIGHS students leave the college having achieved at least three A Levels at A*-C grade. In vocational courses, 96% of learners completed an Extended Diploma at ‘DDD’ (Distinction) level or better.

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