Homelessness, life beyond the label.


The problem of homelessness is faced by more than 300,000 people in Britain alone, – equivalent to one in 200 people. And sadly, this figure has seen a dramatic increase of 16% in the past year. However, for those who have the common privileges of a place to call home common misconceptions surround those that aren’t in a similar living situation to themselves.  Nevertheless, behind the walls of the label ‘homeless’ lies an ordinary individual. An individual who has hopes dreams and aspirations. A person with a unique story and someone displays characteristics of resilience and courageousness daily. And many of us often associate the term homelessness and a person being homeless with an individual who takes refuge on the street, when in fact the term used correctly simply means that you don’t have a place of your own to call home. However multiple organisations are working across the country to reduce the amount of people that are currently struggling to find somewhere permanent to live and to call their own. One of which is the Salvation Army, who work with people of all ages, whatever their background, to fight possibly one of the most common problem of our generation. With safe houses located all the way across the country, even in the most remote of areas, their aim is to ease the lives of those facing temporary difficulty with regards to housing and reduce the numbers of homelessness in the years to come.


Written by NoorulAnne and Fatima.


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