Modest Fashion: A New Culture is Born

DKNY, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana, and most recently, Nike all have something special they share. And all these brands may possibly be onto something big here. It’s the birth of a massive movement, modest fashion.

Female fashion choices continue to stir and pick up light everywhere. The fashion industry has ever so creatively built a platform for modest fashion.

What does modest fashion mean? It’s a question we may have heard once or twice.  However, instead of knowing exactly what it is, we may presume it is a subject that only consists of the traditional modest clothing and nothing more. Actually, over the past few years, the evolution of fashion has become widely versatile; there really is something for everyone to feel comfortable, proud and stunningly stylish in.

A new gap in the market has been made in the last few years in order to adapt to the needs of women who want to choose their clothing to suit their lifestyle. But we all know fashion is about breaking boundaries and expressing your words through what you wear. It’s a way you present yourself to the world, and as Coco Chanel once quoted, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.” So why not be modest and fashionable? Do both.

And so here we are in the 21st century, just celebrating the first ever London Modest Fashion Week where women with diverse fashion styles have come together to celebrate the one thing they all desire… modest clothing which screams their style whether it’s hideously old, glamorous, vintage or sporty.

Suffice it to say, modesty is something everyone can love and work with – just like many social media queens alongside motivated business women, such as Dina Tokia, Saleha Bagas and Sania Siddiqui. That is why LMFW was born, and now many companies have been targeting modesty in order to tailor something everyone can love no matter their style or who they are.

3000 people watched the amazing spectacle of LMFW, most being women, who this mostly targets. Some were dressed in kimonos, burkinis, tunics and turbans – and showcased their stunning designs with a variety of colours and patterns oozing in timeless glamour and innovative allurement.   All eyes were on the runway and I think it’s safe to say that LMFW was a huge success.

Fashion is a language that we can all understand and express our wild personalities through.

Modesty is a part of many people’s identities and it’s become not just a trend, but a new addition to the world of fashion, and has amplified how diverse the world of fashion can be and erased all boundaries of where fashion can stop.

Modesty and fashion have finally come hand in hand.

By Hadiqa Ali, Ayisha Qadri & Mariyam Sidat

Year 9 Reporters

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