Computing Term 2 – Spring Awards

Year 7

Achievement Haleema Ougradar Effort Nasirah  Moosa
Farah Makkan Fahima Munshi
Ammaarah Patel Zulaikhaa Iqbal
Aisha Paderwala Rozmina Patel

Year 8

Achievement Haniya Kashif Effort Aaminah Sheth
Khulsum Ahmed Maariyah Dudhwala
Fatimah Inayat Patel Maryam Bhola
Naeemah Wadiwala Aminah Atiq

Year 9

Achievement Faheema Munshi Effort Laibah Ahmad
Naeema Dukandar Ereshva Amjad
Atika Khan Aleena Mohammed
Khadija Musa Hafsa Patel

Year 10

Achievement Naihl Tariq Effort Sumayyah Panchbhaya
Khadeejah Patel Zarah S Patel
Wajeeha Ahmed Zahra Musa
Zahraa Akuji Munira Ismail



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