Urdu Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Haleema Ougradar Effort Aaliyah Patel
Aaliyah Khan Roomana Gen
Ammaarah Patel Safiyyah Patel
Fatima Khanjra Safaa Vali

Year 8

Achievement Siddeeqah Ahmed Effort Arooj Mehdi
Zainab Kerosinwala Lujaina Patel
Mayra Shiraz Hana Ali
Safiyyah Patel Hana Issa

Year 9

Achievement Sarah Wadee Effort Aleena Mohammed
Saarah Patel Saarah Raja
Hiba Zahid Safha Akber
Munira Khanjra Saarah Hasan

Year 10

Achievement Zarah S Patel Effort Aaminah Kholwadia
Nayeema Begum Ayesha Adalat
Fatima Imran Patel Ameena Talati
Sadiyah Patel Amina Iqbal



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