History Term 2 – Spring Awards

Year 7

Achievement Maseeha Gadatya Effort Zainab Ismail
Amnah Hussain Safiyyah Patel
Wafiyyah Patel Aaminah Mangera
Khadija Adam Rida Sadaqat

Year 8

Achievement Safa Akram Effort Halima Patel
Aisha S Patel Bushra Naveed
Khadijah Usman Laiba Malik
Khadeejah Patel Huma Patel

Year 9

Achievement Halima Wadee Effort Asiya Feroze
Waseema Patel Faheemah Bohra

Year 10

Achievement Aaliyah Mohamed Effort Aaminah Kholwadia
Hadiqa Ali Maariyah Bajibhai

Year 11

Achievement Khadijah I Patel Effort Amna Tanveer
Saarah Patel Hafsa Patel



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Key Notices

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