Computing Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Aaisha Saeed Patel Effort Hafsa Ali
Maryam Manjra Sara Mall
Hafsah Afzal Rafeeah Patel
Sabiha Ahmed Mahnoor Akhtar

Year 8

Achievement Aisha Paderwala Effort Rameesha Adam
Zainub Meetha Saira Gulab
Zainab Ahmed Humairah Choksi
Amat Ul-Lah Ahmad Fatma Hallak

Year 9

Achievement Khadijah Usman Effort Husnaa Akhtar
Fatima Ahmed Tasnim Dakak
Arooj Mehdi Bushra Naveed
Zuhaira Issa Safiyah Suleman

Year 10

Achievement Sumayyah Karolia Effort Aiman Nawaz
Faheemah Bohra Naeema Dukandar
Humairaa Anwar Sameera Patel
Ammarah Moosa Fatima A Patel



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