Geography Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Safiyyah Patel Effort Aleena Asif
Aaliyah Khan Rozmina Patel
Amina S Ahmed Aliah Matadar
Khadija Adam Hajra Memon

Year 8

Achievement Shifa Patel Effort Maryam Islam
Safa Akram Sara Chand
Aisha S Patel Aaminah Musa
Aminah Atiq Khadeejah Patel

Year 9

Achievement Heamall Anees Effort Sameera Patel
Sana Adam Zainab Dassu

Year 10

Achievement Fatima Imran Patel Effort Zahra Ashif
Faatimah Vali Ruhin Patel



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Key Notices

Mini MBA programme gives TIGHS pupils innovative introduction to world of work

A group of Year 12 pupils have ‘graduated’ with a Mini MBA qualification.

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