History Term 1 – Autumn Awards

Year 7

Achievement Amira Pochiya
Fatima Issa
Amina Faisal
Aiysha Mall
Effort Tasneem Umerji
Aysha Farat
Hannah Malek
Latifa Sange

Year 8

Achievement Juveriah Naz Qudrat
Aisha Bibi Patel
Sabaa Ali
Faiqa Murtaza
Effort Zarah Mazhar
Alisha Musa
Khadijah Sheth
Zainab Wadee

Year 9

Achievement Fatimah Khalifa
Zainub Meetha
Effort Aliyah Hasan
Aaliyah Ghiwala

Year 10

Achievement Khaleesah Isap
Hana Ali
Effort Ruqayya Patel
Huma Patel

Year 11

Achievement Haajarah Syeda
Mehroz Ashiq
Effort Haleemah Patel
Hafsah Sidat

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