History Term 1 – Autumn Awards

Year 7

AchievementMaryam Manjra
Fatima Ebrahim
Fatima Bhaiji
Sumaiya Ali
EffortFatimah Asif
Humaira Isap
Amirah Patel
Hibah Patel

Year 8

AchievementRahimah Sadiq
Aasiyah Patel
Zulaikhaa Iqbal
Aaminah Issa
EffortKhadijah Ugradar
Aamina Ismail
Rawha Saleh
Amnah Hussain

Year 9

AchievementFatima Vika
Naeemah Wadiwala
EffortTasneem Khanom
Fatima S Ahmed

Year 10

AchievementSumayyah Karolia
Saarah Patel
EffortHaajarah Syeda
Faheemah Bohra

Year 11

AchievementFahima Patel
Ayesha Kerosinwala

EffortMariyam Sidat
Naihl Tariq

Latest News

League tables confirm TIGHS as one of the best schools in the country.

TIGHS achieved the highest value-added in the country for the third year running and the fourth time in five years.

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Key Notices

Tauheedul Girls Embrace Charities This Winter

Pupils from Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School have joined together to reach out to local people in need this month.

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