Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Kareemah Mahomed Effort Aaliyah Mahmood
Umaimah Sidat Sabaa Ali
Juveriah Naz Qudrat Hibah Patel
Ummaimah Patel Aamina Bax

Year 8

Achievement Sanaa Musa Effort Zainab Patel
Khadija Adam Umaymah Desai
Hibah Ahmed Tasmin Chopdat
Ammaarah Patel Aaminah Issa

Year 9

Achievement Aimen Younis Effort Mariyah Ahmad
Khaleesah Isap Sara Chand
Iman T Mahmood Zainab Munshi
Saarah Adam Amirah Moosa

Year 10

Achievement Husna Ahmed Effort Faatimah Patel
Fatima Bharuchi Khadija Ali
Aasiya Kidy Aiman Nawaz
Fatima A Patel Faheema Munshi



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In the headline ‘Progress 8’ Score, TIGHS achieved the highest value-added in the country for the fourth year running and the fifth time in six years.

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Key Notices

Today’s readers, tomorrow’s leaders

Star Academies has recently launched a series of exciting new reading initiatives to promote the joys and benefits of reading.

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