Religous Studies Term 3 – Summer Awards

Year 7

Achievement Aisha Matak Effort Mariya Panchbhaya
Nurjahaan Valli A’isha Ally
Aamina Patel Humaira Nagdee
Zainab Mulla Aisha T Ahmed

Year 8

Achievement Rafiya Surgeon Effort Safaa Patel
Maryam Gulma Rahimah Sadiq
Shariah Zaffar Zainub Meetha
Aaminah Issa Maryam Umerji

Year 9

Achievement Khaleesah Isap Effort Khadijah Usman
Naeemah Wadiwala Maariah Mohammed
Hana Patel Siddeeqah Ahmed
Nubaisha Patel Arooj Mehdi

Year 10

Achievement Aiysha Patel Effort Haajarah Syeda
Mariya Pennells Madinah Ismail
Aaliyah Maulvi Sadia Phansa
Munira Khanjra Zaynah Lorgat



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