Pastoral Term 1 – Autumn Awards

Year 7

7H1 Saniyah Patel 7H2 Sema Rijab
7H3 Muryum Chaudry 7H4 Zahra Zahid

Year 8

8S1 Rawhah Chati 8S3 Hibah Patel
8S2 Zainab Sange 8S4 Fatimah Asif

Year 9

9T3   9T5  
9T4   9T6  

Year 10

10M1 Safa Akram 10M2 Aasiyah Patel
10M3 Saman Ali 10M4 Aaminah Sheth

Year 11

11E2 Alisha Mohamed 11E3 Fatima S Patel
Haleemah Patel
11L1 Faatimah Patel 11L2 Heamall Anees

Year 12

12B1   12B4  
12B5   12B8  

Year 13

13B2   12B3  
13B6   13B7  

Latest news

League tables confirm TIGHS as one of the best schools in the country

In the headline ‘Progress 8’ Score, TIGHS achieved the highest value-added in the country for the fourth year running and the fifth time in six years.

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Latest news

Pupils pay special tribute to NHS corona staff

Caring pupils at TIGHS are offering messages of support to front line NHS staff who are continuing to work through the coronavirus crisis to save lives.

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