Pastoral Term 1 – Autumn Awards

Year 7

7H1 Saniyah Patel 7H2 Sema Rijab
7H3 Muryum Chaudry 7H4 Zahra Zahid

Year 8

8S1 Rawhah Chati 8S3 Hibah Patel
8S2 Zainab Sange 8S4 Fatimah Asif

Year 9

9T3   9T5  
9T4   9T6  

Year 10

10M1 Safa Akram 10M2 Aasiyah Patel
10M3 Saman Ali 10M4 Aaminah Sheth

Year 11

11E2 Alisha Mohamed 11E3 Fatima S Patel
Haleemah Patel
11L1 Faatimah Patel 11L2 Heamall Anees

Year 12

12B1   12B4  
12B5   12B8  

Year 13

13B2   12B3  
13B6   13B7  

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Key Notices

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Sixth Form students are celebrating today after receiving fantastic results, 99% of A Levels were completed at A*-C grade.

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