Tauheedul Girls Inspired By BAE Visit

Pupils from Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School showcased their potential as STEM leaders of the future, as the BAE Roadshow stopped off in Blackburn.

Focusing on prominent engineers and mathematicians of the past, the BAE presenters were keen to highlight that Tauheedul Girls can add to the expanding network of successful women within these careers in the future.

With the help of BAE’s innovative robot, pupils learnt how to build software in their ICT lessons using computing skills they had acquired.

Ambition, one of the school’s STAR values, played a central role in the roadshow as the girls were keen to show that they have the knowledge and skills to continue into industries that have been historically dominated by men. As university study remains the most popular progression route for pupils, this visit helped to further promote potential apprenticeships and careers within the RAF as just some of the alternatives.

Naseerah Ali, Teacher of Science, commented:

“The BAE Roadshow was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to continue to express their enthusiasm for STEM subjects. Activities were highly interactive and engaging, and having a number of female presenters only supported the idea that our girls can and will grow into these kinds of careers if they wish.”

Tauheedul Girls get a handle on BAE technology


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